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Mar 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
. >> amazing what he did. >>> 12th seeded cal taking on number five unlv in san jose. thurman throws down the slam. lead to eight but unlv not done and stage a comeback. three from the side from anthony bennett and lays it there in for the missed read. rebels down by three. only 15 seconds to go. any christian laettner duke moment? no. cal bears win 64-61. they have a date with number four syracuse who won by like 50 last night. >> is syracuse still playing basketball at the end of the tournament? >> if you listen to boeheim, business as usual. ignore the scandal. >>> oregon deserves a much higher seed and facing oklahoma state. all ducks. emery takes the feed buries the three and they roll 68-55. tough shot there for oklahoma state. first tournament win since 2007. the ducks have their hands full when they face fourth seeded st. louis tomorrow. butler, vcu and st. louis looking tough. now the game that teased us. gonzaga taking on 16 seed. never before a 16 seed beat a one seed. game tied. eric beltran was money at the end of the game. gut check time. under 4:00 to go. bell nails the thr
Mar 30, 2013 9:00am PDT
in job growth for the month of feb. gaining nearly 400,000 jobs. san jose california and portland, maine, tie for the top spot on the new "forbes" list. both are expected to see a 23% increase in employment. >>> amazon is the company with the most openings for jobs that pay at least $60,000 a year. a study by forbes and shows that amazon has a little more than 2400 available job openings. software maker oracle has 2450 openings and microsoft with 2100 high paying jobs. as you can see there, tech skills are in high demand. >> i've got to get out of here. i think i'm going to lose it. >> sounds like somebody has a case of the munders. >> a clip from "office space" and the city most optimistic about the job market, a new poll says it's the nation's capital and those are the number ones. introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. designed to stick and eliminate odors anywhere. like this overflowing trashcan. to test it, we brought in the scott family. so what do you smell? beach house and you're looking out over the ocean. some place like, uh, hawaii in l
Mar 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
in san jose. only 90 miles from their home court so they easily could have home court advantage. syracuse in the second round. take the number one seeds all the way louisville on one side. indiana on the other. that is going to be the most popular paragraph in the final. >> yeah, okay. >> do you have yours? >> let's fill these out and then we will read them tomorrow on the show. i'm going to lift nate too. i like florida. i went to florida law school. >> can't go wrong with math. >> go gators. >> he likes math. didn't work out too well for him in the super bowl but he did pretty well in the election. >> tiebreaker. >> i've done mine. >> this is the tiebreaker. i'm going to figure out what he says. >> why work hard on this? you just know it. >> march madness. that's what it's called. >> you do your homework. >> you outsourced that, mika! >> i did not. >> what is wrong with you? >>> still ahead on "morning joe," congressman tom graves says the ryan budget is just what the country needs to get the economy back on track. he joins us straight ahead. >>> also msnbc news chief white house corres
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3